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Adore Me Review

This week I wanted to review a brand called Adore Me, you may have heard of this brand before but they are a lingerie/swim/sleep brand and they are most known for there monthly subscription box. The way this works is every month you pick out a bra and panty set/ sleep set and they mail it to your house. However, you can skip a month if you want to. I have always shopped at Victoria secret for as long as I can remember but I wanted to change things up. I ordered 2 sets as well as a bikini set. I like how they carry many size choices ranging from 30A to triple D but I found that there weren’t many options of plainer colors that you can wear under a lot of clothes which was kind of disappointing. Although I did like how the bikinis had a large age range. For example, there were a lot of skimpier sets and a lot of conservative covering suits to fit anyone’s style. The shipping came in a good amount of time; about 3-5 days. I found the quality is equally as good as Victoria secrets bra’s and underwear. The fabric was very soft and after a couple washings, they still seemed new. The bathing suit was great! The fabric was very soft and the quality is great. This bikini is so cool, the top and bottoms cross in the front and tie in the back. If your looking for another place to buy underwear I definitely suggest Adore Me because of its great quality and the prices are great (they also have a lot of sales)

photography credit: @aqalpsphoto via instagram

Adore Me

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