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Clothes to Buy this Fall

I wanted to share a Fall shopping list with you guys as soon as possible because if your anything like me it helps to have a plan of what types of styles to look for when you start shopping for next season. This year so many great trends have been coming out so I’m super excited to style some this fall. If you have not already noticed I have a new page here on my blog where I find new trends and briefly talk about them and give you a couple styling examples. I was hoping this may help you guys pick out the trends that you like without having to spend so much time flipping through magazines and scrolling through Instagram. This list is inspired a bit by some of the trends that are on that page.  These are all things I’m shopping for this fall or I already own and know I’m going to be wearing on repeat. Of course, this list always grows as trend come out but this is the start, So without further ado:

  1. Leather Jackets

  2. Aviator jacket

  3. moto jackets

  4. Over the knee boots

  5. oversized and unique jean jackets

  6. Sock sneakers

  7. Cropped sweatshirts and sweaters

  8. The perfect leather bootie

  9. A fashionable backpack

  10. black tights

  11. Statement belts

  12. Fur jackets/vests

  13. Graphic tee’s

  14. Dad shoes

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