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Cute Hoodies for Cold Days

Can we just take a moment and talk about how it is -20 degrees outside (I’m not exaggerating) unfortunately because Chicago decided to be in a polar vortex I haven’t been able to go out and take pictures of outfits for my lovely readers because if you walk outside right now you will turn into Olaf from frozen. Despite the cold, I am back with a super comfy outfit for cold days just like today.

For this outfit, I chose this super cute fuzzy hoodie with letters on it from Bershka. The hoodie is not real fur but my mother is convinced that it looks like a dead alphabet animal. But besides that, it’s super cute and comfy. Every comfy outfit needs a pair of leggings so here I am wearing a pair of Wunder under leggings from Lululemon. Since this is a great on the go outfit I paired it with Nike Cortez’s in rose gold because your girl loves pink. Cute hoodies and sweatshirts are always at the top of my list for winter because they are cozy and warm. Since sweats are super trendy right now you can find cute hoodies everywhere at all price points. Here are some links to where else you can find some: Topshop, Forever 21, and Bershka. Also, I now link all my outfits from Instagram and the blog on the 21 buttons app where you can follow me and buy the same items I’ve styled through the app! You can view my profile here. Also as always, I linked the whole outfit below.

21 buttons app profile, hoodie: Bershka leggings: Lululemon Shoes: Nike

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