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Healthy Eating: My Smoothie Tips and Tricks for an amazing smoothie

Since spring is just around the corner and I bet everyone is starting to think more health-oriented, I wanted to share my smoothie tips and tricks for a yummy and healthy smoothie. If you have not noticed almost every day on my Instagram story (@brooke.annafp) I have some smoothie or smoothie bowl, I am just simply obsessed. Everyone is always asking me “Those look so good, how do you make them?” or “How do you make a good smoothie?” and today I am here to answer your questions! Since making a smoothie is basically as simple as just blending fruit I’m sharing my tips on how I make really good and of course pretty. To start out with that basics I would like to share my simple formula:

Liquid+Yogurt+Frozen Fruit+Special Additives (protein, honey ect)

Yep its as simple as that to begin with, but I have my tips to make it really great and pretty:

  1. Use vanilla yogurt

  2. Use drinkable yogurt

  3. Use half frozen, half fresh fruit

  4. Source where you get your ingredients ( I love whole foods)

  5. Use raw honey

  6. Use organic everything, if you can.

  7. Find granola you like…Or make it your self (sneak peek for a future post…)

  8. For a pretty colored smoothie adding certain berries will make different colors: blue berrys=purple, raspberrys=red, black berrys= dark purple

  9. Use freshly squeezed juice or use your favorite

  10. Lemonade is always great for liquid

  11. If you want a kick in your smoothie to add something carbonated like carbonated juice or lemonade

  12. If you are adding protein powders or anything of that sort. Find a product that you really like on its own or something you can’t taste at all in the smoothie. Powders can easyly ruin the whole taste of the smoothie

I hope this answered some of your guys questions or at least inspired you to make your very own famous smoothies. I often post recipes on my instagram story so if you guys would like to follow along follow me on instagram @brooke.annafp.

Wishing you a happy and healthy spring,

-Brooke Anna

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