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Madam C.J Walker Beauty Culture curl whip Styling Souffle Product Review

I’m back with a product review on Madam D.J. Walker Beauty Culture curl whip styling souffle. I wanted to share this product especially for girls with curly/wavy hair. First off this brand is great, they’re products work very well for smoothing frizz and hydrating. I’ve tried out a couple of there products in the past and I’ve liked them all. This so far is my favorite! This product is super easy to use, you just apply it to your hair while its wet and then blow dry it or air dry. This is a thicker cream so its best to use when your hair is wet but there is a serum that they make that does the same thing and it works well on dry hair. Price wise I think its pretty good, the product lasts a while. I got this as a sample and I’ve been using it for months and there’s still a lot left. You can view their products on the MCJW beauty culture website but they sell through Sephora and Amazon.

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