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My Denim Staple’s

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I’m super excited to share this post because denim is one of my favorite things ever. It was hard to choose just a couple of pairs that are my staple’s but I did it. I picked out all the denim I could not live without and what I believe everyone should have in their closet. I chose pretty basic category’s to show just a general idea of each type, but I think you can never have enough jeans.

DSC_0860 copy

Joe’s Jeans

The plain skinny: Of course I had to start with the plain skinny jeans. These are as basic as it gets really. You can wear these with seriously almost everything and they look amazing. The pair I’m wearing here is from joe’s jeans and I 10/10 recommend, they are so soft and they fit perfectly. This type of jeans I would splurge on because you will defiantly get your money’s worth.

DSC_0778 copy

Joe’s jeans

The black skinny: Black skinny jeans are defiantly something everyone should have in their closet. If you have the right fit they make your legs look so long and slim. This is another one I would suggest splurging on because you wear them so much you want them to be comfortable and good looking. Mine are from Joe’s and I would defiantly recommend.

DSC_0809 copy

American Eagle

The Ripped Skinny: I love to wear ripped jeans when I’m wearing something plainer or want to add something more to my outfit. For ripped jeans whether or not to splurge is kind of blurry in my opinion, because if you wear them enough you want a comfortable, a good looking pair, but in my experience, the rip’s and distressing tend to fall apart and not look as good anymore. This pair is from American Eagle and they are ok but the denim is kind of itchy and the fit is not the best but for the price they are pretty ok.

DSC_0772 copy

American Eagle

The boyfriend Jean: Boyfriend jeans in the past couple of years have really started to make more of an appearance. I love them, they are so comfortable and they look great. This pair is from American Eagle. Normally I’m not a fan of American Eagle jeans but I’ve had these for a while now and they are still as soft and comfortable as when I bought them.

DSC_0869 copy.jpg

American Eagle

Statement jeans: Now this one I was hesitant to put in because I don’t think statement jeans are essential to everyone’s closet but I think they are still fun so I added them anyways. My style is pretty much made up of basic’s so I don’t normally buy jeans like these but when I saw them I had to have them. I thought they are were so cool. They’re ripped but they have these designs printed on them and patches placed everywhere. These are something I would defiantly save on because you’re not going to get as much wear out of them because they are memorable so you can’t wear them too often.

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