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My Tips for Great Hair

Now that’s it’s winter I thought this would be a great time to write all about my hair care and what my routine is. Winter is super harsh on your skin and hair so it’s important to take care of it all year round and especially in the drier months (for Chicago it’s winter). Since I was younger I have always had curly hair so I had to learn to manage it and not leave the house with my hair looking like a mop. This made me very obsessed over the years with my hair and along the way, I’ve learned some super helpful tips that I want to share with you today.

Tip #1: Don’t wash your hair everyday

Your hair naturally makes oils to hydrate your hair, when you wash your hair every day it drys it out and your hair will produce more oil to rehydrate it. Everybody always says to me “it’s too oily, I have to wash it every day” no your hair gets used to not being washed as much and will stop producing an excessive amount of oil, allowing your hair to stay moisturized while still looking clean. Also when your hair is dry it tends to get frizzy and course and nobody wants that. A great way to start this process is to let your hair sit oily or dirty on days where you have nowhere to be that your hair has to look nice for. It does take time to train your hair to get used to not being washed every day so it’s important to stay patient and make a routine that works for you because in end your hair will look ten times better.

Tip #2: Use oils on your hair

Often times after I wash and blow out my hair it’s dry and frizzy. You never want to leave your hair dry because it will cause breakage and split ends earlier after your last haircut. Of course, we all get split ends eventually and need a haircut but you can put it off by hydrating your hair correctly. Oils are great because they smooth your hair while hydrating it at the same time, this is also a very natural and affordable method. When using oil, only put a little in your palm at a time, rub them together and run fingers through hair. Make sure not to use too much by adding a little bit at a time until you like the effect because if you add too much you will have to wash it all out and start all over. Many people can not add oil to there hair dry so if it doesn’t work I suggest putting it in your hair while it’s wet before you blow it out, many oils also work as a heat protectant as well. You can use coconut oil (tends to be a little greasy) or I love using argon or Moroccan oil (lighter feel) Sephora also has a lot of great products that do the same and are very light so your hair doesn’t look oily. I’ve mentioned many hair oils in the past I’ll link those below also.

-My favorite products of the season (my favorite oils are here)

-Sephora Hair oils

Tip #3: Use hydrating shampoos and conditioners, and switch them out regularly

Using a hydrating shampoo’s and conditioner’s they can make a huge difference especially if you use a blow dryer on your hair after you wash it. Switching your shampoos out regularly is important because your hair gets used to the products and they will stop working as well. I switch them every time I run out. I go between three, Pantene, Tresemme and Aussie. These are all my favorites. I used to spend a ton of money on nice shampoos and conditioners and I realized it’s not worth it. I found that these shampoos and conditioners work way better than my old expensive ones that I could only seem to find at the salons. Since everyone’s hair is different try many different products and use what you find works for you and your hair.

Tip #4: Try not to use heat tools on your hair

This tip is one we all struggle with and none of us probably can say honestly that we don’t use heat tools on our hair. But I’m still mentioning it because you can diminish the damage. First Use a heat protectant. Second don’t use any flat irons or curling irons on your hair while it wet, it will burn your hair very horribly. Finally, on days you can get away without using heat on your hair like on the weekends put it up in a braid or ponytail or something. This also helps if your the type of person who gets bored of their hair quickly… ie me.

Tip #5: Get your hair trimmed regularly

After you cut off all the unhealthy ends and the damage, your hair will grow quickly but make sure you are hydrating it especially now because if your ends get dry and they are freshly cut they will break all over again. If you are trying to grow out your hair this is even more important because if your ends dry out they will have to cut off more length at your next hair appointment to make the hair healthy again, you will also lose most of your new length.

Tip #6: Use hair masks

Hair masks are great because they super hydrate your hair quickly. I like to use a mask every time before I wash my hair. You can use masks from Sephora, the drugstore or just drench your hair with oil. If you do this make sure to wash your hair really well. Sleeping with your hair in a mask is also really great. In an interview, Kim Kardashian said she dips her hair in coconut oil drenching it and then sleeps with it in. (this will ruin sheets so make sure you don’t have nice ones on or wear a shower cap and put a towel over your pillow.)

Tip #7: don’t dye your hair and if you have to get it done by a professional

A lot of people dye their hair at home and some dyes are ok to do at home but if you are bleaching your hair this is a risky game. bleaching your hair at home may be cheaper but you can permanently damage your hair. When bleaching you remove moisture from the hair causing it to become dry and brittle ultimately leading to split ends or even hair loss. Make sure if your bleaching your hair you go to a professional that you trust. Even after getting your hair done you should still moisturize it as you would your skin, using oils, leave in conditioners or hair masks.

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