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Ribbon Sweater, Closet Revamp

I got this sweater way back in August but I still wanted to share it because it’s a great example of how you can DIY your own sweaters to make them unique and new again because we all get tired of our closets and need to just revamp some peices a little.

Jeans: Brockenbow sweater: TopShop Shoes: Steve Madden

I originally got this sweater at TopShop and yes it did already have the ribbons looped through the knitting but the first thing I thought when I saw was… you could so do this with any regular sweater and give an old sweater life again. All you would need is a sweater and some ribbon and just loop the ribbon through the stitching in what ever pattern you like. This sweater has the ribbons randomly places all around and the extra ribbon just hangs down, but if you want another look you can arrange the ribbons differently. Also I would suggest securing the ribbon where you want it by just glowing or sewing the end on the inside because this sweater doesn’t have any ends secured and while wearing it I’m always worried about pulling the ribbons out.

With this sweater, I styled a pair of Brockenbow jeans (by the way they have super cute great quality jeans I would definitely go check them out). This pair very small circular rips at the knees and I love them because they are so unique I haven’t seen any other jeans with this feature. Finally, I wore some of my favorite wedge booties from steve madden which I have been wearing non-stop this winter because they are so comfy and they have a heel but I can still dress them down.

No outfit is ever done with out accessorizing! I kept it simple with Pearl studs and layered gold necklaces to add more to outfit and so the top wasn’t to plain. layering gold jewelry is super trendy right now and I love it. You can just throw on a tank top with some gold necklaces and it looks effortlessly chic and who doesn’t love an easy outfit.

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