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Spring Transitioning sweater

As spring is coming slowly, I’ve started to plan some outfits. In Chicago we don’t get much of spring its really only a week or two, then it goes from unbearably cold to hot as heck. Since we still have spring months and everyone really just wants to break out white and shorts, I decided to blog about some transition outfits so hopefully, this is useful to wherever you live. Here I’m wearing an adorable white sweater with side ties. This sweater is a great transitional piece because it would look super cute with jeans as well as a pair of shorts, depending on the weather. Here I paired it with just a pair of black coated jeans and some knee-high boots. I love these boots, I would definitely recommend adding a pair of these to your wardrobe. These boots go along with the trend of the thigh-high boots but, they stop just above the knee. I found I love these because they elongate my legs more than thigh high boots.

DSC_0903 new

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