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The Swimsuit guide: My Favorite Brands

I am crazy about bikini’s and I have a million of them. Since spring break is coming up I like to get some new swimsuits especially for my trip and I want to share some of my favorite places to buy swimsuits to help you get cute Bikinis at a great price and quality.


Zaful is a great place to get swimsuits if you want really cheap sets. The bikinis are soo cute and trendy. The only problems are that the quilty is not amazing and sometimes the sizing gets off because you can’t pick a different size for the top and bottom you have to get both in the same size. If you are the same size on the top and bottom you should be ok. Overall I love the Bikinis I’ve gotten from there and I am collaborating with zaful so you guys can use my code anytime to get 15% off sitewide. I will also put a link below Mega Swimwear Sale 15% OFF


If you haven’t checked out Asos yet you are missing out. Asos carriess many brands from high end to very affordable. They don’t just carry bikini’s they carry every thing from clothes to skin care. They have so many bikini options I promise that you will find one thats for you.

Lahana Swim

Lahana swim is a bit more pricey than the average brand, but they have the cutest styles and great quality. They’re style is very bohemian chic and would be great for a trip to Mexico or anywhere tropical.

koana swim

I just recently got a bathing suit from koana. They have super cute styles and are pretty affordable. I’ll do another review when my new bikini arrives!

Below are more swim suit brands I’ve been loving lately that you should check out for spring break!


Ris-k Swim

Serei swim

Riot swim

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